sugar solution

we were trying to find out how many sugar cubes would dissolve on a certain temperature

I was in a group with Sophie and Lauren and we dissolved 11 sugar cubes on a 90 degrees first we got the water to 90 degrees and then we put the sugar cubes in and then they dissolved straight away.

30 degrees : 11 cubes

40 degrees : 8 cubes

50 degrees : 8 cubes

60 degrees : 19 cubes

70 degrees: 21 cubes

80 degrees : 18.5 cubes

90 degrees : 11 (but could have done more)

a problem we had was we did not have enough cubes to share around and my group did not get to as many cubes as we wanted

the things that were intersting were some cooler temperatures dissolved more cubes that higher temperatures.

when you lower the temperature from a higher temperature you will start to see the sugar again



multiple intelligences

i completed the survey which said that my strengths are music smart, word smart, myself smart.

i agree musical because i love listening to music and i pick up sounds really good

the most interesting thing is i think sometimes i cant under stand my strengths and weaknesses.

my speech

For english we were asked to present a speech  about when someone is worth it, you have to put youself out there

i think i went okay when i presented my speech i think one of my strengths were that my speech made sence and i spoke cearly when i do my next speech i could inprove on my speech being more longer.






Q1  my predictions were close  i didnt get many wrong.

Q2  the reults that were spurprisingto me was that the magnet didnt attracted to the magnet.

Q3  no not all the metl thing attracted to the magnet.

Q4 the most strongest object that attractd to the magnets were the paper clip

Q5 the poles that attracted to each other north and south and the ones that repeled were south and south and north and north



(a) the like poles  reple

(b) unlike poles attract